Board Members

With the recent constitutional changes, Reabold now has a seven member Board of which the President and three board members are elected by the members and the elected board appoints the remaining three vacancies.

Board of Directors

President Tony Glass
Directors Sue O’Keefe, Tania Hayward, Mike Hendriks, Phil Hayward, Karen Kronja, Geoff Stooke, Phil Newton
Board Secretary Helen Ashenden
Club Manager Kirsty Eaton


Board Committees and Director Members

Governance, Planning & Audit Geoff Stooke (Chair), Tony Glass, Phil Hayward

Sponsorship & Marketing

Mike Hendriks (Chair), Kirsty Eaton, Karen Kronja

Mike Hendriks (Chair), Phil Hayward, Sue O’Keefe, Kirsty Eaton 

Tennis Sue O’Keefe (Chair)
Tennis Sub Committees
Social Tennis & Midweek Men Geoff Stooke (Chair), Tania Hayward, Alan Tognolini
Mid Week Pennants & Midweek Women’s Social Tennis Sue O’Keefe (Chair), Tania Hayward, Peter Vaughan
Pennant & Junior Tennis Karen Kronja (Chair), Phil Newton Jane Glass, Kirsty Eaton
Buildings & Grounds Phil Hayward (Chair) Tony Glass, Phil Newton, Jim Ashenden, Kirsty Eaton
House & Social Functions Tania Hayward (Chair), Karen Kronja, Sue O’Keefe, Kirsty Eaton
Delegate to Tennis West Jane Glass, Tony Glass or Mike Hendriks


Note 1 The President and Club Manager are ‘ex-officio’ members of all Board Committees and Sub Committees
Note 2 Additional members may be co-opted to the various Board Committees or Sub Committees with the approval of the Board


Kirsty joined us in August 2017 as Reabold’s club manager. 

Kirsty has a degree in Sports Science and has an extensive background in tennis as a coach, player and manager.