Organised Social Tennis

Members have full access to the courts and facilities and can join into organized social play during the following sessions:


Tuesday Morning Ladies 9am – 11am
Wednesday Afternoon Mens 3pm to 6.30pm
Saturday Afternoon All Senior Members 2pm to 5pm


Saturday Morning   10am to 12 Midday


Members are welcome to bring along visitors to participate in social play at a cost of $10 per person. Visitors may play on a maximum of three occasions & then must join if they wish to play at the club again.


Organised Social Tennis


Players are requested to observe a recognised standard of tennis attire at all times. Singlets, board shorts and bike pants are NOT classified as suitable attire. Tennis shoes must be worn. Ripple soles, joggers and bare feet are not acceptable. To protect the hard courts non-marking soled shoes must be worn.

Casual Play

On most occasions when play is not organised and you wish to use the facilities, please adhere to the following rules to ensure that these opportunities are enjoyed by all:

  • Only members,fee-paying visitors playing with members and court hirers have any right to be on the courts.
  • Limit your play to 60 minutes at times when others are waiting or offer to play doubles to maximise court usage.

Shoe Tags

Your shoe tag is used to show that you are a financial member of the club and as such are entitled to use the Club's facilities.